Authors, please note - Payment of processing fees before online publication!


From 1 September 2022, authors' contributions will only be published once the processing fees have been paid. Unfortunately, we had to make this difficult decision because some authors are not paying the fees once their contributions have been published online. The journal has running editorial costs, and their non-payment creates financial difficulties and additional legal costs for the journal.

We do not foresee a dramatic delay in the publication date as we will immediately publish their contribution as soon as we have traced the payment, or an author can provide proof that an invoice has been paid.

An invoice for the payment of processing fees is generated after the completion of the editorial processes. The journal must immediately pay the costs incurred by contracting external editorial staff for certain functions they provide, regardless of whether an author pays the fees.

Therefore, we beg for your understanding. An author can speed up the process by sending their proof of payment to Ms Rieette Venter –