The Constitutional Case Against the Mandatory Vaccine Policy — An Interdisciplinary South African Perspective


  • Casper Lӧtter North-West University



mandatory vaccine policy, constitutionality, curative medicine, critical public health, social sciences complementarity, preventive strategies, erroneous approach


In this article, I rethink the perceived/received wisdom of the mandatory vaccine policy which has been punted so ardently, largely uncritically, in South Africa. I investigate whether this line of argument could be justified from a comparative South African constitutional perspective. It became evident in the early stages of my research that the legal perspective is too narrow and constricting to allow for a proper understanding of the puzzle. Following Friedman's suggestion of the schism between Western-based curative medicine and preventive strategies, I employ a critical public health theoretical framework complemented by insights from the social sciences. Given that the vaccine is a product of an outdated paradigm, South Africa's erroneous approach to the pandemic led to disastrous consequences and fared less favourably than the rest of Africa. It is concluded that a mandatory vaccine policy is both unconstitutional and unjustifiable, in the wider view.


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Author Biography

Casper Lӧtter , North-West University

Post-doctoral research fellow in the School of Philosophy North-West University, Potchefstroom Campus, South Africa.




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